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Hello SoraBloggingTips Readers,

If you are reading this, then we would like to appreciate your efforts for being supportive. We know its hard time for the humanity, whatever is happening currently is what we never imagined, and we pray that everything will get back to normal. Now lets come to main topic, for which we are writing this article. Its being 10+ years we are publishing blogger templates. In these years we have evolved a lot, previously it used to be an ordinary blogger theme, but we kept learning and made themes which are as good as wordpress themes. Till now, we have created more then 500+ themes. We have covered almost every genre. Whether you want to make personal blog, professional blog or business blog we have a theme for you. it’s been 10+ years since we started creating blogger templates with an aim that we will provide quality Blogger Templates to users, each year brought different challenges, features, functions, options and many more, but we  never gave up on our passion and to make the platform (Blogger) a better place for creating professional blogs. 

        In 2011, We started Soratemplates as a small template developer site, We were armature at that time, but we were very passionate about blogspot and creating themes for it, We had the vision to do something exceptional for blogspot users. We tried to make themes with all the professional and premium features, which they always had a desire to have on their blog. We created a trend which was later followed by upcoming developers and it was a matter of pride for us that we started a revolution where people started giving importance to

        In our 10+ years of journey we have seen a lot, the platform is not the same, from where we have started it changed a lot. In these 10+ years we have not only created themes, but we made this platform professional, now people see blogger as more than a CMS. We made it easy to create blogs for multiple niches, our themes are useful for creating almost any type of blog on any topic like fashion, magazine, tech, beauty, portfolio, sports, institution, job portal, banking, one pagers, photography, travel, makeup, OOTD, HowTo, DIY, Video, Food, Movie, Anime, Games, eCommerce, Girly, Music, Lyrics, Automobile, Health and many more.  At the same time we have created themes which are feature loaded, our themes included state of the art functions and latest technologies. We made our themes with high quality codes, which creates an immersive experience for the viewer. Our themes included features like seo ready, fast loading, responsive design, ads ready, widgets ready, social bookmark ready, endless customizations etc. 

        In these years of learning we dedicated our passion only for blogspot platform, In this journey of revolution, we started so many things, which helped us to take this platform to the next level. So go ahead and see of journey of revolution.

Journey of revolution ( Timeline ) :-

In these 10+ years we started many ventures to make this platform more and more professional. We have grown a lot with a list of remarkable assets we created or collaborated with. This is a huge thing, which kept us on improving every year. Consider the following establishments we have made till date:

  1. From a small site managed by a single blogger template developer, it was impossible to become a leading blogger theme developer in the world, but we did it.
  2. We are the Number 1 Blogger Template Developer site (we only provide related themes).
  3. In 2011, we started our main site with an objective to provide High Quality Professional Blogger templates for FREE, and Which is now worlds number 1 site for providing Blogger templates.
  4. In 2015, we started our sister site with an objective to provide Fast Loading News Magazine Blogger templates for FREE, and Which is now worlds number 1 site for providing News Magazine Blogger templates.
  5. In 2016, we collaborated with our sister site with an objective to provide most elegant looking Blogger templates for FREE, and Which is now worlds number 1 site for providing Beauty Blogger templates.
  6. In 2017, We started giving Whatsapp based support for quick response, we are the first in the world to start whatsapp based support for blogger templates for free.
  7.  In the same year which is 2016, we started our sister site with an objective to provide unmatched support and one step destination for blogger resources, and Which is now worlds number 1 Blogger Resources Site.
  8. In 2018, we started a YouTube channel (SoraBlogginTips) specially dedicated for providing video documentations of our blogger templates for FREE.
  9. In 2018,  we started our sister site with an objective to provide Simple Blogger templates for FREE.
  10. In 2021, we collaborated with our sister site with an objective to provide most premium designed Blogger Templates for FREE.

Future Goals :- 

Now lets come to the point, why all of a sudden we are saying all this? We all know how the blogger platform works. No doubts its one of the best blog creating platform but it has limitations. From past 10 years we are struggling with these limitations and on some occasions we proved ourself by emerging beyond it. We have provided top notch quality themes, that no other template provider has delivered, and we will keep it doing for the next hundred of years. With each blogger update we have updated our themes and are still doing it, we are the only developers, who are constantly working towards for a better future of this platform.

          After all these years of hard work we have made a huge directory of high quality blogger templates, whenever we create something new, we try to implement it on our every theme, but since we have a directory of 500+ themes it is time consuming and takes a lot of hard work. So to make the platform even more professional by upgrading the level of the theme creation to the next level, we have taken a decision to stop providing support to the free theme users, so that we can focus more on solving inbuilt issues of the themes for providing better experience to the premium users. So if you want support for your theme, you have to upgrade to a premium license. You all know, we sell our themes at very affordable price which is less than $10, So buying a theme won't be a difficult job for anyone, in return you are getting a professionally build theme, a well described documentation, a detailed video documentation and an un matched one to one support.

        We know some of you may find this harsh but believe us, for the better future of the platform we had to take this strong decision. So from now onwards if you are a free user, you won't be getting any kind of support on comments, emails, whatsapp or facebook. 

        In 2021, It has became very difficult to survive as a blogger template development site, so we need to build a complete new plan to be able to compete and win against the odds. Hope You guys will support us in this decision. That's all we wanted to say, Stay Safe, Wear a Mask, Sanitize Properly and keep Blogging.

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