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Honey Crush MOD APK v14.4

Honey Crush is a game that is loved by the fact that you will have affection with many girls at the same time. This is the dream of many lonely boys because Honey Crush brings together girls with different personalities. So the process of flirting also takes much less time in real life. You will be playing with them, experiencing challenges together and understanding each other. Audrey girl will be the first to come to you in the game and the two will have talks possible romantic. Besides, she will also start giving you the things you need to flirt with other girls. For real life, it’s a bit ridiculous, but in this game, the main goal is to win the favor of as many girls as possible. They are all willing to live with the rest. In Japanese, they are called “harem”.

Over time, when the most beautiful girls have become your lover, expand the scope of your search. Take the girls to travel and earn more for the girls most attractive. Also, try to attract girls from Manfred’s harem to prove himself the most attractive guy in the world.

BUILD a harem of girls with unique personalities

Seducing girls is hard, but luckily you have a harem to help you.

Work with your top bitch Audrey to break down these girls defenses and get them into bed.

ENGAGING fully animated story

Progress through The Sex Games as you seduce girls, and they seduce each other.

Travel to distant lands and lure the top girls of Manfred’s harem to your side with your sexual prowess.

UNIQUE puzzle mechanics

Every date is unique, and each one gets you closer to your final showdown with Manfred.

COLLECT sexy pictures from your girls

Gather pictures of all the "hard" work you've put into seducing these sluts.

ENHANCE your seduction abilities and unlock bonuses from all the girls in your harem

Use skill upgrades to improve your character and enhance your seduction abilities.

Use magical items to improve your girls, so they can help you build up your harem.

Mod Features:

Features: Unlimited Life/Coins/Gems/Boost.


Honey Crush MOD APK

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  1. Download the file MOD_APK_ganamod.com.apk.
  2. On your Android phone, open the downloaded file MOD_APK_ganamod.com.apk.
  3. Tap Install.
  4. Follow the steps on the screen.

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