Boobs in the City (Unlimited Money) MOD APK v1.4.452

Boobs in the City MOD APK is an TPS shooting game with hentai. Discover BITC, the first TPS from Erogames, where action meets bikinis, pretty girls and hentai scenes. With 3 on 3 waterpistol multiplayer ‘shootouts’, where the aim is to knock your competition out… Get ready for this game, it’s not just the girls who are going to get wet!

Game Story

For the introduction, the studio has pulled out all the stops - there’s an AAA video, and while it downloads, we are introduced to the characters, tips and objects. And the best bit is that this is all uncensored.

Water game competitions are very popular and all the girls dream of being the star of this dirty little game, which works out well for you, as you’ve been asked to coach a team of a dozen or so girls. As trainer, of course you will have certain privileges,with one-on-one sessions, which feature quite a lot of sex.

Each girl has her own story, and it’s up to you to build a bond with them all and to get to know each of them. Akane, Yui, Saki, Rina, Kana and the others are prepared to get their costumes wet for the team, and they’re prepared to do a whole lot more besides.


Simple and effective are the key words, and even though less powerful phones/ tablets may experience some slow passages, all you need for the action parts are two thumbs, one to move and one to aim/ fire, and it only takes a few minutes to understand how it works. You play the games on a little map which is suitable for 3 VS 3 in multiplayer mode, the rhythm feels right, and you you’ll be able to enjoy game after game.

You’ll be rewarded for any games you win with play money and gifts. The game also lets you achieve objectives which will unblock content (new skins, new members, new training sessions). Aim for victory, but also for the MVP title, and you'll win even bigger.

These objects which will allow you to unlock certain things in the game to get you started, gifts which you can give to girls in their dormitory to unlock their stories and to get access to hentai scenes…

Graphics and Sounds

The studio has done some really good work both on character design and on the costumes and the backgrounds. And that is the case both in the competition parts and in the dorms.

In the visual novel part, the girls are very pretty, kinky in their preferences and the settings are varied.

The music is very catchy and the sound effects and voices are good too, exactly what you would expect in this kind of game.

Mod Features:

Boobs in the City MOD APK features: Unlimited Money


Boobs in the City MOD APK

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