Taimanin RPGX MOD APK v1.9.10 - E L M A

Taimanin RPGX MOD APK v1.9.10

Taimanin-"Shinobi" who can compete with "Magic" by themselves. Gosha Gakuen where such anti-demon ninjas gather - Taimanin RPGX from DMM.

Born in the venerable Taimanin Asagi family, the Fuma Soke family, the protagonist, who cannot use Ninja, was living a lifeless student life here.

However, one day, an incident occurred in which Gosha Gakuen was attacked, and his fate began to move significantly. He is in charge of commanding an independent squadron from Asagi, and challenges the truth of the case with his new friends!


Mod Features:

Taimanin RPGX MOD features:

  • DMG (High Damage + God)
  • DEF (God + Enemy 0 Def)
  • Always Crit
  • No skill count-down.

Google+ login possible? No.
Facebook login possible? Yes. But remove your facebook app from device.
Specific game account login possible (for example: HIVE)? Yes.



Download and install FAQs

How to install this MOD APK?

  1. Remove original game, if you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it.
  2. Download the file MOD_APK_ganamod.com.apk.
  3. On your Android phone, open the downloaded file MOD_APK_ganamod.com.apk.
  4. Tap Install.
  5. Follow the steps on the screen.

Broken Download Link?

If there is a problem with the broken link, cannot download file, please report to our webmasters. Thank you!

The MOD APK description does not match with the downloaded file?

If there is a mistake between the description and the downloaded file, please report it to us via the Report section at the bottom of the page.

Is the MOD APK file safe?

Of course, every file is checked by antivirus software before being uploaded to the system.

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